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London is the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. The ancient City of London (called Londinium, by the Romans), to which the name originally belonged, still retains its mediaeval boundaries, but the name 'London' has long been applied more generally to the whole metropolis which has grown up around it. Londinium built on the north bank of the River Thames in around 50 AD. By the 18th century London was the biggest city in the world. It was the most populous city in the world from 1825 until 1925.
An important settlement for around two millennia, London is today one of the world's leading business, financial and cultural centres, and its influence in politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the major global cities. It is the largest city in the EU with a population of over 7 million. It will also host the Olympics in 2012.

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  • Carrington Street Car Park, Teresa wrote 15 days ago:
    Very expensive car park, £10 for an hour!
  • London Borough of Newham Vehicle Pound, Robert Inston (guest) wrote 1 month ago:
    I have received a demand for a towed vehicle which apparently belongs to me, but my vehicle is parked on my drive in Shropshie and has not been to London in 3 years. The phone is always busy so you cannot get through
  • Goodmans Fields, Philip Unciano (guest) wrote 2 months ago:
    Hi Geoff, Would it be possible for you to give me a call regarding your work at Goodmans Fields and Eastgate House? We are currently investigating the asbestos related death of Norman Humphrey, a former maintenance man at the premises where you work. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Please get in contact. Kindest regards. Phil Unciano, Hodge Jones & Allen solicitors, 0207 874 8556
  • Lots Road Power Station (Abandoned), Teresa wrote 3 months ago:
    But the power station itself is no longer there, the site is to be turned into apartment buildings and shops.
  • Lots Road Power Station (Abandoned), Julia Lisnyak wrote 3 months ago:
    Not abandoned, now is being renovated
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